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The work the actors have been doing this Fall is going wonderfully. Everyone is advancing, getting stronger and making strides toward getting work. Several people are either in film projects or are exploring avenues into the independent filmmaking scene in NYC. The Film Practice is still very young and I’m bringing it along slowly.  This is partly a function of time. In addition to running the workshops, I’m also teaching at Hunter College, holding down a full time job, developing a feature film production (tentatively scheduled for April), preparing to direct the Chekhov Film Project (January) and doing freelance photo work.  Yet even with more time at my disposal, I wouldn’t want The Film Practice to grow more rapidly. It’s important to proceed in a way where the focus remains on the actors rather than on promotion and growth. That’s the goal. However, there are plans in the works for something big. In meetings with Kelly Morgan (founder of the Mint Theatre, a great acting teacher and friend), we’ve discussed teaming up in order to create a larger version of The Film Practice – an organization that would train and promote actors as well as produce theatre and film projects. So there may be big, exciting changes ahead.

But for now…

We have three more sessions left in the current workshop and I’ve started to think of what to do in November and December. I’d like to continue to bring new actors into the work we’re doing but also want to advance the actors who’ve already been training. To that end I’ve committed in the next three weeks to getting everyone in the current workshop either a headshot that will get them in the door, or a taped monologue for their reels. For actors who continue training into November, I want to take the do a workshop dedicated to film production.  The actors have already been writing scenes. As a means of de-mystifying the filmmaking process, I’d also like to involve them in more areas of the film production process, including editing. This is basically taking what we’ve been doing a step further and creating scenes that will help get the actors work.

So I’m preparing to do two groups beginning November 7th and am excitedly looking forward to the work. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next!

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