The Film Practice The Film Practice

On Camera Performance Training

  • A whole approach leads to the fulfillment of your potential on-camera, where body, soul and intellect work in spirited harmony. The process begins with an acceptance of who you are as a person, your history, beliefs, needs, desires and the obstacles that stand in your way. Working through improvisation and scripted material, you are encouraged to accept, embrace, nurture and activate yourself. Rather than trying to conform to narrow ideas of self in performance, you are encouraged to broaden your definition of self. This is a departure from traditional training, where performers are asked to reach for performances that are often narrow in scope.
  • Speaking truthfully from the heart and sharing who you are is vitally important.  Doing this creates a wonderful connection between  you and the audience and leads to powerfully present experiences for the audience and yourself . Working with The Film Practice, you’ll learn how to deliver compellingly truthful on-camera performances and presentations.